The maximum size of the parcel is determined by the vehicle type of the Dropper. For example, If you are delivering by foot, you will not get an order that is heavier than a 5 kilograms. If you are delivering by bike, the maximum weight increases to 15 kg. Maximum car delivery size is 35 kg for a single item (with a few exceptions), and we will communicate separately if there are unusual sizes or multiple items in the delivery.

We also use visual guidance for parcels:

(XS) Extra Small packages: Fits in the iPhone box - max weight 3 kg - available to all Droppers

(S) Small packages: Fits in a shoe box - max weight 5 kg - available to all Droppers

(M) Medium packages: Fits in a backpack - max weight 15 kg - available for all Droppers starting from Bike

(L) Large packages: Fits in a large suitcase - max weight 35 kg - available to cars and vans

(XL) Extra large packages: Fits in the trunk of a car - available to cars with sufficient cargo space and vans

(XXL) Big delivery: fits in the van - available to vans

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